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For over 2,000 years, the Indians of the Southwest have danced beneath the heavens, praying to the great spirits for rain and a bountiful harvest. These spirits are embodied by Kachinas. Kachinas represent the spirits of created beings like the soaring Eagle, the noble Buffalo, and the burning Sun. Even a human emotion, such as humor, is fittingly represented by the Clown Kachina. Children receive them as toys and during religious ceremonies, the Navajo, Pueblo and Hopi Indians dress up in the elaborate costumes of Kachinas to celebrate the harmony of creation.
1 Paper tube
COF storeroom
1 Small doily
Dollar Store or Catalogue
2 matt board disks
2 pcs paper 8.5"x11" COF Free
Glue - hot & stick
COF storeroom
Sharpies & colored markers
COF storeroom
Paint, black (or choice) COF storeroom Free
Metallic watercolors Discount School Supply $1.00 / class
Orange, turquoise, yellow watercolors COF storeroom Free
Paint brushes & dishes
COF storeroom
Newspaper (for esy clean-up)
COF storeroom
Tissue paper (optional)
COF storeroom
  Total (approx.)   $1.15

1) Before class, hot glue one popcycle stick way into paper tube.

2) On newsprint, paint tube black and set aside.

3) Paint doily Gold over perforated design area and add a black edge with the sharpie. Set aside.

4) Take one disk and turn to white side. Draw a line with the sharpie (or start with a pencil in case of mistakes) across the middle then turn 90 and draw line down the middle again but only way.

5) Using markers (or paint if you have blue, red & yellow) color the portion turquoise. One yellow and the remaining red. When dry, add facial features.

6) Draw Pueblo symbols onto the 2 pieces of paper.

7) If black paint is dry, glue bottom paper around tube as if it were a blanket and add upper paper in same fashion.

8) Using stick glue, add tissue paper to doily on a radial pattern.

9) Tissue paper triangles are optional. If you want to use them, glue them onto the doily with stick glue and continue to step 8.

10) Using hot glue, secure facial disk to center of the doily.

11) Dot bottom of tube with hot glue & place in center of 2nd disk, colored side up.

Student results 1   Student results 2   Student results 3
Alex Kent 2003