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Egypt, located in the Sahara desert, is a hot place! People were able to live there because of the Nile. The Nile river starts its journey at Lake Victoria in Uganda, as the White Nile. The Blue Nile, coming out of Lake Tana in Ethiopia, feeds into the White Nile about half way to its destination: emptying into the Mediterranean Sea. The Nile gets its name from the Greek word "Nelios", meaning River Valley. Egypt is, indeed, one of the world most enduring river valley civilizations in the history of the world. The Nile region of Egypt has been inhabited continuously for over 5000 years, bringing us to the current day. Where there is moving water, there are plants. Where there are plants, there will be animals. Where there are animals there will be humans. Where there are humans, there will be innovations. This fan is very much like the ones used to cool the pharaohs.


1 Paint stirring stick
1 legal hanging folder
1 Fan Template
COF storeroom
COF storeroom
50 (approx) feathers each
Dollar Store or Catalogue
$1.00 or your choice
Wood glue
Egyptian rubber-stamps
COF storeroom
Rubber-stamp pads
COF/Office Max/RAFT
Masking tape
Discount Cat. pg 53 #CMT
$0.50 used ($1.95/roll)
  Total (approx.)  
1. Each student gets 2 pieces of folder paper, 8"x14". The template is traced onto both pages and cut out.
2. Paint one side only of each fan shape with metallic gold or copper paint. Cover over entire surface of one side.
3. Next, paint stirrer. Brown is fine.
4. As soon as the fan paper is dry, hieroglyphics can be printed or drawn on one side. The eye of Horus drawn largely on the other side makes a great and powerful statement. Of course, any Egyptian image will be fine.
5. Tear (or cut) 5-8 pieces of masking tape, each 3"-4" long. Place a piece of tape, sticky side up on the table. Attach 4-7 feathers on the tape so that the quill end lays perpendicular to the tape length. Each feather should have about " between them.
6. Place masking tape (with feathers attached) to the very edge of the fan paper with the feathers sticking outward.
7. When painted fan paper and paint stir stick are dry (about 5 minutes), drizzle wood glue along the edge of the fan just on top of the masking tape line being careful to get all the way around. Smear it a little with your finger so that it is evenly applied. (This will also cause it to dry faster.) Add a bit more in the middle where the paint stir stick will go. It only needs to be way across the fan shape, as this will give it flexibility.
8. Place opposite fan paper over glued side and mash them together checking that they line up evenly. Lay the fan on a rug and put a large heavy book on it for a few minutes.


Sixth graders' Egyptian fans.
Alex Kent 2007